17 August international rugby
Aug 2019

Bumper Saturday Of Rugby Action

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips, News category

International rugby matches are always a bit of a treat, aren’t they? And we’re delighted that this Saturday has a bevvy of games that promise to action-packed. So make 17 August international rugby day in your house and relax into a whole day of sporting action. If nothing else, it’ll get you in the mood for much more action when the Rugby World Cup hits our screens in a few weeks!

What are the 17 August international rugby matches?

There are five 17 August international rugby games on. That’s going to make one hell of a Saturday of sports, if we’re honest. Here’s are the games you can look forward to:

  • New Zealand take on Australia at 8:35 UK time
  • Wales take on England at 14:15 UK time
  • South Africa take on Argentina at 16:05 UK time
  • Italy take on Russia at 17:25 UK time
  • France take on Scotland at 20:00 UK time

The nice thing about these matches is that they’re relatively well spaced out. That means if you have the whole day to dedicate to rugby, you can take in a lot of action live. And we highly recommend trying that out. That contrasts starkly to football leagues, like the Premier League, for example, which has most of the games running concurrently.

What are the matches we’re not going to miss?

Here are the key matches we’re looking forward to watch. And we’ve got a few opinions about the potentional results too… It’s difficult to predict, but here’s what our gut reveals about the 17 August international rugby matches.

New Zealand v Australia

When New Zealand and Australia clashed last Saturday, New Zealand lost out 26-47. In the last six matches played, New Zealand and Australia have each bagged three wins, with New Zealand also being dealt a draw against South Africa. This Saturday is an important game for them, representing the last of the Bledisloe Cup games, which counts towards the Rugby Championship. This cup is only against New Zealand and Australia and is closely watched in that part of the world and beyond.

In our opinion, the smart money is on New Zealand winning in their meeting this week in Eden Park, Auckland. They’ve won every single Bledisloe title since 2002.

South Africa v Argentina

From different continents, this South Africa v Argentina match should be a fairly easy game for South Africa. Poor Argentina haven’t won any of their past six matches and this game isn’t expected to have a brighter ending for the south American national side. Meanwhile, South Africa have had a pretty good stretch of international matches with four wins and one draw since mid-November last year.

France v Scotland

This Rugby World Cup warm-up is taking place in Allianz, Riveiera, Nice. It’s kicking off at 20:00 UK time and is due to be a cracker. It’s the first of two matches between the two national teams. Scotland may well be out for revenge after France beat them 27-10 in the 2019 Six Nations.

Scotland are seen by many as the stronger team, with a fairly decent crack at taking down France in their next meeting this Saturday.

Where can I bet on these matches?

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