Aug 2019

€1 Million MPN UCOP Awarding “Greatest Poker Player In The Universe” Trophy

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The Universal Championship of Poker is set to return to MPN this September with two weeks of exciting tournament action. The “Greatest Poker Player in the Universe” trophy is at stake, in addition to €1 million in guaranteed prizes including about €25,000 in added value through a UCOP Leaderboard and a Tournament of Champions.

This September’s UCOP will also feature a brand new leaderboard calculation that should keep participating players interested throughout the entire event.

You can’t miss this fall’s UCOP

The festivities will kick off on September 15 and run through September 29 with 94 tournaments a part of the UCOP 2019 schedule. A total of €1 million in prizes will be guaranteed across the events including a €100,000 UCOP Main Event slated for September 29 at 17:00 BST.

In between, the tournament series will feature a diverse selection of tournaments with buy-ins ranging from €2.20 up to €320.

Go here for a full schedule of events including more comprehensive information about the events.

Qualify for the UCOP Main Event

The UCOP Main Event will be held on September 29 and you can enter directly for €110 or through satellites starting on September 1.

You can also earn a €110 ticket for the event by meeting one of the following achievements between September 1st and September 29th:

  • Play 1,000 Fish Party SNGs with buy-ins of €10 or above
  • Play 1,000 SNGs with buy-ins of €20 or above (Fish Party SNGs are not included)
  • Play 25,000 hands of €50NL or higher (€0.25/€0.50 NLHE or above)
  • Play 25,000 hands of €50PLO or higher (€0.25/€0.50 PLO or above)

Satellites will also be available for other UCOP events beginning September 1st.

UCOP leaderboard rewards top players

Beginning September 16th, watch your position in the UCOP leaderboard, which will measure the best players during the 2019 UCOP. Be one of the top 20 players during the series and receive a piece of the €20,000 prize.

The player coming in first place will receive a prize package worth around 5,000 and the coveted Greatest Poker Player in the Universe trophy. Put that on your mantlepiece to impress your friends.

A full list of prizes can be seen below:

Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2019 trophy + €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €1,500 MPNPT Package + €1,000 Cash + Player’s Choice Prize
€550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €500 Cash + Player’s Choice Prize
€550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + Player’s Choice Prize
€330 Online Tournament Tickets Package + Player’s Choice Prize
€110 Online Tournament Ticket + Player’s Choice Prize
€110 Online Tournament Ticket

Earning UCOP Leaderboard Points

MPN is mixing up the way Leaderboard Points are earned for this September’s UCOP. Unlike most tournament leaderboards, the fewer points you earn, the better.

If you enter a tournament and win, you will earn 1 point. Finish in second and receive 2 points and so on. But the answer to earn fewer points isn’t to not enter UCOP events. For UCOP tournaments that you don’t enter, you will receive points equal to the number of players that entered the event plus one. So you will quickly rack up points if you don’t play in the UCOP.

Fortunately, MPN will be throwing out your worst 15 scores when calculating your leaderboard position. This means you will need to play a fair amount of tournaments to place high in the leaderboard, but you certainly wont need to play them all.

Tournament of Champions is the icing on the cake

In addition to the €20,000 in prizes available through the leaderboard, all winners of UCOP events will receive an additional perk for taking down a tournament.

All 94 players who win a UCOP event will qualify for the Tournament of Champions to be held on October 6 at 19:00 BST. The top eight players will be awarded with additional prizes:

  • 1st- Player’s Choice Prize ( €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package OR €1,500 MPNPT Package OR €1,000 Cash)
  • 2nd – 5x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
  • 3rd- 3 €110 Online Tournament Tickets
  • 4th- 2 €110 Online Tournament Tickets
  • 5th-8th- €110 Online Tournament Ticket