3 Card Brag
Mar 2020

3 Card Brag: The Beginners Guide

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

Is it time to try a new card game? It’s true that everyone can get stuck in a bit of a rut from time to time when it comes to their gaming habits. Just like everyone else, we can habitually play the same games again and again. We reckon a big reason we do that is comfort. It’s nice to know exactly what you’re up against. But what if you could get a little bit of a grounding in a game you don’t usually play? Would that help ease you into the game? Well that’s exactly why we have this 3 Card Brag guide, designed especially for beginners.

Where can I play 3 Card Brag?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of exactly what 3 Card Brag is, we’re going to tell you where you can play the famous card game. It is available on a lot of different online casinos, but in our personal opinion, the version on Bet365 Games is one of the better ones available on the internet.

This option is entirely our own, mind, and not necessarily that of Bet365 Games. Having said that, we’d say most people who have tried a few versions would agree with us.

If you want to try out 3 Card Brag on Bet365, all you have to do is sign up. Plus if you click on the button below, you can avail of this lovely new player offer

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What is 3 Card Brag?

3 Card Brag is, as you might have gathered, a card-based casino game. It has a lot of similarities with poker, which means if you’re a poker fan, you can get comfortable with 3 Card Brag pretty quickly.

How do you play 3 Card Brag?

Playing 3 Card Brag is pretty simple, but has a big incentive to bluff, as you’ll see…

Everyone puts antes (a small amount of chips) into the pot for each round. Each player is dealt three cards each, face down. Then there’s a single round of betting. You can choose to either bet or fold. Just like in poker, if there was a previous bet, you must put in at least that amount.

This keeps going until only two players are left. Then the players have the option to pay double the previous bet to see their competitor’s hand. When that happens, the two players’ hands are revealed. The player who has the best hand takes the pot. Or, in the case of a tie, the player who bet to see the other hand loses the pot.

You also have the option of betting blind in 3 Card Brag. This option means that you never look at your cards, but you get the benefit of all your bets costing half as much as the other players who have seen their cards. The only catch is that an open player (someone who has seen their cards) can’t see a blind player.

If all players fold to a blind player, the blind player gets to keep this hand for the next round and the pot from the previous round remains and everyone re-antes. Then the player can decide to look at one of his hands. They can decide either to keep that hand that they’ve peeked at, thus becoming an open player, or stick with the blind hand.

Another odd thing about Brag is that the deck is only shuffled if a hand is seen. If hands are not seen, the discarded cards are simply placed at the bottom of the deck.

What are the hand rankings?

These hand rankings will look very familiar to fans of poker. Having said that, things are a little different because having only a three card hand shifts the odds a little and makes some hand types impossible. Here are the possible hands in 3 Card Brag, and the probability you’ll get them:

  • Straight flush is three suited cards in sequence: 0.22% chance of a player getting this
  • Three of a kind is three suited cards of the same rank: 0.24% chance of a player getting this
  • Straight is three cards in sequence: 3.26% chance of a player getting this
  • Flush is three suited cards: 4.96% chance of a player getting this
  • Pair is three cards of the same rank: 16.94% chance of a player getting this
  • High card is when you don’t get any of the above combinations: 74.39% chance of a player getting this