Bet365 Original slots
Mar 2020

The Slots You Can’t Play Anywhere Else

by Christine in Uncategorized category

When you’re scroll through an online casino’s slots collection sometimes an overwhelming sense of deja vu can come across a person. This is not an unusual reaction, don’t worry. It’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s just a result of the reality that a lot of online casinos carry the same slots. Which, in a way, is a good thing. But sometimes even the good old reliable reels can get a little repetitive. And that’s why we’re so excited about Bet365 Original slots.

What are Bet365 Original slots?

Bet365 Original slots are a range of games created by designers in Bet365. That means you can’t find these spectacular games anywhere else. Pretty neat, huh?

So when you rock up to this online casino, these are some of the reels you should definitely give a whirl. Because you won’t find them elsewhere.

How do I play Bet365 Original slots?

In order to play Bet365 Original slots, all you have to do is join Bet365 Games. Wondering why you should do that? Well if the exclusive slots aren’t enough of an incentive, you’ll be very happy to know that they have this sign up offer waiting for you too…

Bet365 Games Casino

Oh and before we get into the recommendations, we should remind you that all of these views and opinions are solely of the All Bets author and not of Bet365 Games.

Dr Elemento’s Polar Plot

The slot we’re going to kick off with is perhaps one of the most quirky of all the Bet365 Original slots. Dr Elemento’s Polar Plot immerses you in a strange, chilly underwater world that has a distinctive old school gaming charm to it.

All the symbols have a somewhat robotic quality to them, from the seahorse to the heart-shaped wild. It’s got a range of bonus features that you can trigger, including one that expands reels, high value symbol boosters and a delightful free spins round too.

Mahalo Hawaii

If you dream of a holiday where you spot wild turtles running around the beach, you explore breathtaking volcanic landscapes and you soak up all that amazing Pacific sun, Mahalo Hawaii is the slot for you.

This game transports you straight to the tropical US state. No layovers, no long flights, no jet lag. And all you have to do to say Mahalo to Hawaii is simply spin the reels on this atmospheric slot.

Sizzling 7s Fortune

Sizzling 7s Fortune is a slot fit for a true slot traditionalist. It’s effectively a fruit machine style slot, with retro 2D graphics of oranges, lemons, grapes and cherries. And of course, a Sizzling 7. Well actually it’s a 7 that’s literally on fire. Too hot for you to handle or do you want to dive into the flames?

If you’re unsure if you can stand the heat, maybe this will tempt you… This game gives you the chance to win up to 1,750x your stake. And with an overall return to player percentage of 95.83%, this is a game worth playing. Especially if you’re in an old school slot mood.

Book of Horus

Sporting a distinct Indiana Jones vibe, Book of Horus is ideal if you feel like an adventure. The return to player percentage is 94.91% and there’s the opportunity to bag a pretty penny too, with a maximum win of 500x your wager up for grabs.

Plus if you adventure far enough into the fun casino game, you can even trigger a free spins round, which makes it even more fun to play.