Champions League vs Premier League
Apr 2019

What’s The Difference Between The Champions League And The Premier League?

by Christine in Features, News category

Some football fans are divided. Some are staunch Premier League fanatics, whereas others like the unbeatable standard on show in the Champions League. Where do you stand on the Champions League vs Premier League debate?

If you’re not quite sure, or just want to delve a bit deeper into these topics, read on and get informed. Spoiler alert, whatever way you go when it comes to Champions League vs Premier League, you’ll have one thing in common. Well, you will if you’re anything like us.

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Champions League vs Premier League: Which has a richer history?

The Champions League has a long history that stretches right back to 1955. It was originally known as the European Cup and entry was restricted to the club who won their own national cup from each country.

The competition got its current name in 1992 and at that point, a round-robin group stage was added and multiple entrants from the same country could also take part. That’s the Champions League we know and love today.

A relative newbie, the Premier League was founded just 27 years ago in February, 1992. However, its roots go back to the Football League who were created in 1888. The breakaway occurred for a big TV deal. And we sure are happy that the matches are on the box.

Where Champions League is a bit more international, the Premier League is all about England. It’s the most hallowed level in the English football league and consists of the top 20 clubs in the country.

How do the structures of the Champions League and Premier League differ?

So which competition has a more interesting structure in the Champions League vs Premier League debate? Both have their merits, it just depends on how you like to watch football. Champions League can be more dramatic, whereas Premier League rewards long-term success.

Here’s how it works in each competition type.

Champions League structure

  • Starting late June, there are four knockout qualifying rounds and one play-off round
  • Six teams from this stage join 26 others in the group stage
  • The teams are divided into eight groups, each with four teams
  • Then they play a double round-robin in their group stages
  • Eight winners emerge victorious and battle each other in knockout matches
  • Then the Champions League winner is determined by the final match, which takes place in May

Premier League structure

  • Starting in August, there are 38 matches in total where each team plays each other twice, aka, a double-round-robin
  • If a team wins, they get three points
  • When teams draw, they each get one point
  • And for a loss, a team gets no points
  • Then the team with the most points at the end of the season wins the title
  • If two or more teams are tied, there’s a play-off match at a neutral venue

Which league has more prize money?

As with everything in professional football, the prize pool in these competitions are eyewateringly large. But which is the biggest?

Well, every team who gets to the preliminary qualifying round in the Champions League gets €230,000 and the prize money steadily rises for each round until the final. Prize money for the ultimate victors this year stands at a cool €19,000,000.

The Premier League prize money is a little bit more difficult to get your head around. Money is dished out based on broadcast revenue and other commercial deals. So there are big bucks no matter where you finish. But come out on top and you’ll be really happy. For example, Chelsea received over £38,000,000 due to their 2016/2017 pole position. Having said that, due to a lower broadcasting rights sale than normal, it looks like the 2018/2019 prize pot will be a bit smaller.

Hard to feel very sorry for the though when you talk about those kinds of figures.

What matches can I watch this week?

In the Champions League vs Premier League debate, the main thing we really care about is the action. So what battles are going on on the pitch over the next few days?

There are four Champions League matches on this week and they are:

  • Tottenham vs Manchester City at 20:00 UK time tomorrow
  • Liverpool vs Porto at 20:00 UK time tomorrow
  • Ajax vs Juventus at 20:00 UK time on Wednesday
  • Manchester United vs Barcelona at 20:00 UK time on Wednesday

But if you want to watch Premier League games, there are actually a lot more numerous this week. You can look forward to:

  • Chelsea vs West Ham at 20:00 UK time today
  • Leicester vs West Ham at 20:00 UK time on Friday
  • Tottenham vs Huddersfield at 12:30 UK time on Saturday
  • Brighton vs Bournemouth at 15:00 UK time on Saturday
  • Southampton vs Wolverhampton at 15:00 UK time on Saturday
  • Fulham vs Everton at 15:00 UK time on Saturday
  • Burnley FC vs Cardiff City at 15:00 UK time on Saturday
  • Manchester United vs West Ham at 17:30 UK time on Saturday
  • Crystal Palace vs Manchester City at 14:05 UK time on Sunday
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea at 16:30 UK time on Sunday