Jul 2019

Enjoy A Zero Calorie Bounty Every Single Night

by Christine in Features, News, Promotions category

We have to confess something. We’re chocoholics. Our team at All Bets all have a sweet tooth. We dream of treats day and night and are always planning our daily desserts. But we’d swap the chocolatey Bounty for a poker bounty any day of the week. And luckily we have that chance thanks to the £250 guaranteed Coral Poker Nightly Bounty.

So if you have a hankering for proper poker action, you’re going to want to read what we have to say. And if you still can’t kick the chocolate cravings, unwrap a bar and munch on it as you play. We won’t tell anyone.

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What is a poker bounty tournament?

If you’re new enough to poker, you might not have come across the term bounty before. But if you’re familiar with wild west movies, maybe it’s still familiar…

A bounty is the price on a players head. It means that when you knock a player out, you get a cash payment. This leads to an exciting game, where players are focusing on eliminating as well as building their own stack.

Not for the faint-hearted, this is best suited to aggressive poker players. But watch yourself because if someone you’ve been trying to knock out won’t stay down, they might try come after you next!

How did the Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournament come about?

This is a really nice aspect of the tournament. Instead of some poker boffins sitting in a room somewhere dreaming about what players wanted, they went around and asked. The people at Coral Poker conducted a survey to find out where they could be doing better.

Then players came back in a flood to tell them that they’d love more bounty games. And thus, the Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournament was born.

Despite the fact that Coral Poker is part of the iPoker network, this daily tournament is only available to players at Coral Poker. Although that might affect the size of the player pool, we like the fact that it makes winning a share of the cash prize a little easier.

Tell me more about the tournament

It’s pretty straightforward, really. Every night at 19:00 UK time, there’s a Coral Poker Nightly Bounty tournament with £250 (or €320) in guaranteed prize money.

That means at least £250 will be won. If more players take part, the prize money could edge up. And that, my friends would be really sweet.

The tournament won’t start unless at least two people enter (we’re guessing there’ll be no issues with that!) and the maximum number of players who can register is 1,500.

It costs €5.50 to enter the tournament. Out of that, €2.50 goes to the main prize pool and €2.50 is your bounty. And €0.50 is the tournament fee. That means that if you knock out just three other players, you’re already on to a winner.