Sep 2018

Are You Ready To Twist?

by Christine in Promotions category

Twister tournaments are one of the most loved formats at Coral Poker and we know the reason why. They’re fun, fast and always add a little excitement to our time on the felt. And sometimes big prizes too!

So that’s why we love the Twister Race over at Coral Poker. Have you taken part yet? It’s a long-running leaderboard promotion over at Coral and is brilliant fun. Read all about it and get ready to Twist your way into the lead!

What can I win if I place on the Twister Race leaderboards?

You’ll get instant cash or Twister Tickets if you place in the Twister Race Leaderboards. And if you win a prize, it’ll be credited to your account within 72 hours. So you won’t have to wait too long. And if for whatever reason they don’t appear, just simply get on to the friendly folk at Coral and ask them what the hold up is.

You’ve got 14 days to use any Tournament Tickets you win before they expire. And they’re not refundable, transferable and can’t be converted to cash.

Coral Exclusive Twister Micro Race prizes

  • 1st place: €250 cash
  • 2nd place: €150 cash
  • 3rd place: €1o0 cash
  • 4th place: €75 cash
  • 5th place: €50 cash
  • 6th-10th place: 20x €1 Twister tickets
  • 11th-20th place: 10x €1 Twister tickets
  • 21st-25th place: 5x €1 Twister tickets

Coral Exclusive Twister Mini Race prizes

  • 1st place: €500 cash
  • 2nd place: €350 cash
  • 3rd place: €250 cash
  • 4th place: €100 cash
  • 5th place: €75 cash
  • 6th-10th place: 10x €5 Twister tickets
  • 11th-20th place: 5x €5 Twister tickets
  • 21st-25th place: 2x €5 Twister tickets

€12,500 iPoker network Twister Race prizes

  • 1st place: €1,000 cash
  • 2nd place: €700 cash
  • 3rd place: €550 cash
  • 4th place: €400 cash
  • 5th place: €300 cash
  • 6th place: €200 cash and 3x €10 Twister tickets
  • 7th-10th place: €100 cash and 3x €10 Twister tickets
  • 11th-50th place: €50 cash and 4x €5 Twister tickets
  • 51st-100th place: €30 cash and 4x €5 Twister tickets
  • 101st-150th place: €20 cash and 4x €5 Twister tickets
  • 151st-250th place: 3x €5 Twister tickets

How do I take part in the Twister Race?

It’s pretty simple really, all you’ve got to do is opt in. There are a few different ones to choose from, but we should let you know that the Micro and Mini races are exclusive to Coral, unlike the €12,500 Twister Race, which is offered across the iPoker Network, which hosts Coral’s poker software.

You can find your opt-in button in your account under My Info and then your Missions tab.

Once you’ve opted in, simply play Twister poker for real money. The qualifying period for all of the Twister races is one calendar week, and for the purposes of this promotion that’s defined as starting on Monday at 00:00 GMT and finishing on Sunday at 23:59 GMT.

How are my points calculated for the Twister Race leaderboard?

So the good news is that you get points every time you play a Twister tournament. Everyone who finishes second or third gets the same amount of points. Then if you finish first, you get double points.

The number of points you get depends on the buy-in of your particular Twister tournament. For example, if you play a €1 tournament, you’ll get two points for finishing first and one point for finishing second or third. Then if you play a €100 tournament, you get 200 points for finishing first and 100 points for a second or third place finish.

How can I keep track of my place in the Twister races leaderboards?

All you need to do is go to the promotional page and you can see where you rank on the leaderboard. It’s updated every two hours, so our advice is to check when you log in first to see where yesterday’s progress got you so you know where you stand. The exclusive Coral races lists the top 100 players and the iPoker Network race lists the top 250 players, so if you’re there, you can spot yourself.

What’s the difference between the micro, mini and network races?

So you qualify for these simply based on your tournament buy-ins. Different buy-ins qualify you for different races. And the other major differences are that the micro and mini races are exclusive to Coral Poker. Here’s the different buy-ins for each race:

  • Coral Exclusive Twister Micro Race: €1 or €2 Twister Tournaments
  • Coral Exclusive Twister Mini Race: €5 or €10 Twister Tournaments
  • €12,500 Network Race: €1, €2, €5, €10, €20, €50 or €100 Twister Tournaments

Are there any other Twister Race terms and conditions?

Well obviously you’ve got to be over 18 years of age to sign up and play. And all the other usual site terms and conditions apply here too.

What if I’m not a Coral Poker player already?

Okay well every transgression can be forgiven. No but seriously, it’s super easy to sign up. And if you do so using our bonus code and link, you’ll get deadly sign-up offers too. So we’d suggest doing that as soon as you can and getting on the Twister Race train.