Cricket World Cup betting
Jun 2019

What You Need To Know For Smart Cricket World Cup Betting

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips, News category

The Cricket World Cup has been underway for almost a month now and we’re loving all the action. This year it’s being hosted by England and Wales, so if you’re based in that part of the world, we’re sure you’re benefiting from matches at reasonable hours. But now that you can enjoy it, what about Cricket World Cup betting?

It’s all good to settle into the sofa for a long stretch of sports watching, but it’ll be even more fun with a little Cricket World Cup betting. If you’re not usually a cricket fan, it might be a bit confusing placing bets. But we’re here to guide you through the tournament so far so you can do some smart Cricket World Cup betting.

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Tell me more about the Cricket World Cup

Held every four years, this is the showcase of the very best cricketing action from around the world. Back in 2015, Australia become the victors. That should be no great surprise, seeing as they already had four wins under their belt before they added a fifth this time around.

Things are a little different in 2019 compared to previous iterations of the Cricket World Cup. There are now just 10 teams competing, compared to 14 in previous years. That’s added a slightly different dynamic to proceedings.

What’s been happening so far?

If you haven’t had a chance to keep up with the action so far, we understand. There’s a hell of a lot to keep track of, despite the World Cup cutting down on the number of teams taking part.

Here’s a quick overview of how the top half of the teams are doing so far…


Title holders Australia are leading the table, with 12 points so far. No surprises there. They’ve played seven matches and won six of them. Their only loss was against the formidable competitors India beat them by 36 runs.

New Zealand

New Zealand just completed their last match yesterday, when they came up against Pakistan. After a loss by six wickets with five balls left, their points total for the World Cup so far is 11. Out of a total of seven matches played, they’ve won seven. The only other match they failed to triumph in was against India, where the match was actually abandoned without a ball bowled.


Having just played five matches so far in the Cricket World Cup, India currently have a total of nine points. That’s because they won four of their previous matches and the only one that they didn’t triumph in was the one we were just talking about against New Zealand that was abandoned. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the game against West Indies today…


After taking part in seven matches so far, England have eight points. They’ve had mixed results in the World Cup so far, winning four matches and losing three. However, they’re currently on a three-win streak, so perhaps things will turn around for the home team… But we’re guessing it might be just about beyond their reach.


Securing just three wins out of seven matches, Bangladesh aren’t exactly on a winning streak. However, things could change for the South Asian underdogs… After winning by 62 runs against Afghanistan on Monday, we’d say there’s a spark of hope for them to turn things around. They do have a respectable seven points, but is that enough for them to catch up with the likes of Australia and New Zealand? The smart money says probably not.

Are there any players I should look out for?

Absolutely, the Cricket World Cup is full of well known names preforming amazingly well. If you need some inspiration for your Cricket World Cup betting, you should remember these names

Australian star players

David Warner has the most runs of the Cricket World Cup so far, with a total of 500 runs. Following close behind with 496 runs is fellow countryman Aaron Fitch. This duo also have the highest personal scores out of all players, with 166 and 153 respectively.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Starc is taking the lead when it comes to wickets, with 19 to his name in this World Cup.

Bangladesh star player

Coming in at third place for the most World Cup runs is Shakib Al Hasan, who is the pride of Bangladesh at the moment. He’s also got the best bowling figures with an impressive 5/29 and the third best batting average at 95.2.

England star players

Jofra Archer is doing his country proud with a total of 16 World Cup wickets for 2019. Another man to look out for on the host nation’s team is Jason Roy, who is the joint-second highest scorer so far with 153 points.

Pakistan star player

With the third highest number of wickets this World Cup so far, Mohammad Amir has got an impressive 16 wickets and great bowling figures of 5/30 and a 14.6 average.

New Zealand star players

One of the standout players on the New Zealand team this year has got to be James Neesham, who has the third best bowling figures of the tournament so far with 5/31.

New Zealand also have the player with the best batting average. Kane Williamson is showing them how it’s done with a 138 average.

India star players

The two players with the tournament’s highest bowling average are on the India team, with Mohammed Shami and Vijay Shankar netting 10 and 11, respectively. The second best batting average in the Cricket World Cup goes to Rohit Sharma, who has 106.66.

What can I watch this weekend?

The great thing about the Cricket World Cup is that almost every day there’s at least one match to be played. And, famously, cricket players take their time on the field. That means you have hours of enjoyment, if you can justify taking some breaks from work, that is… So that means there ample opportunity to take part in some sweet Cricket World Cup betting.

Here’s what’s coming up over the next few days:

  • Today (27 June) West Indies are playing India from 10:30 UK time
  • Tomorrow (28 June) Sri Lanka are playing South Africa from 10:30 UK time
  • Saturday (29 June) Pakistan are playing Afghanistan from 10:30 UK time
  • Saturday (29 June) New Zealand are playing Australia from 13:30 UK time
  • Sunday (30 June) England are playing India from 10:30 UK time