Divine Fortune slot
Sep 2019

First Progressive Slot Lands On PA Site

by Christine in News category

Hallelujah! The first progressive jackpot game has arrived at PlaySugarHouse PA and we couldn’t be happier. We’re the number one progressive fans going and this one is an excellent choice for the progressive debut on the Pennsylvania site. The Divine Fortune slot is worth getting excited about and we’re about to tell you why.

But first, if you want a PlaySugarHouse Bonus Code (and who doesn’t), click that link back there and get excited. Full disclosure, this is for brand new players to the site and for those who are located within the state borders of Pennsylvania. Keystone Staters only for this offer!

What is the Divine Fortune slot all about?

Divine Fortune slot is a game designed by the genius minds of NetEnt. This title sees player travers the wilds of history to end up back in Ancient Greece. This is a place full of mythology, strange creatures, treasures and more…

Structure-wise, the Divine Fortune slot is a 20 fixed payline medium variance slot with five reels and three rows. You can play this video slot from as little as $0.20 per spin. That makes it pretty attractive to the average player.

You’ll never get bored with this slot because it has so many special symbols and features. Substituting wilds, falling wilds, re-spins, free spins and even a wild on wild feature. And with all these features in mind, you can win up to 600x your stake. And that’s before we get into the real pull of the title. The standout feature here is the Jackpot Bonus game. Trigger this and you could win one of three different jackpots, including the elusive Mega Jackpot.

As it stands at the time of writing, that progressive jackpot prize pool is currently $60,262.53. Now that would be a pretty sweet chunk of change to win, wouldn’t it?

Your progressive jackpot refresher

If you’re a little rusty about progressive jackpots or you’re totally new to them, we’re here to give you the full lowdown. And then if that doesn’t get you excited to play the Divine Fortune slot, we don’t know what will.

A progressive jackpot is a game that has a big prize pool that is always creeping up. This jackpot amount creeps up because every time someone plays the game, a small percentage of that wager amount goes into the jackpot total.

Then a lucky player can trigger the jackpot and walk away with a huge payday. At lot of the time players trigger it at random and it can be triggered by any wager. That means it doesn’t necessarily matter how much you play for, you can still win.

Also, some progressive jackpots have a minimum prize pool amount. That means even if you trigger it right after someone else does, the online casino makes sure that you don’t miss out on a sweet payday. Even if that payday isn’t quite as juicy as the one before.

We love progressive jackpot games because they give us a big payday to dream about. We adore dreaming up ways to spend the big progressive jackpot prize pools. And that’s why we’re so delighted to see Divine Fortune slot on the books at PlaySugarHouse PA. We’re pretty sure this means that more could be added soon! Fingers crossed, anyway!