Esports for beginners
Apr 2020

Need To Know More About Esports?

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

At the moment, we’re seeing a real spike in interest for Esports. It seems like everyone and their cousin is getting in on the Esports action. But what if you’re completely new to Esports? Maybe you’ve never delved into the interesting world of Esports before and you’re not really sure of where to start. Well that’s no problem, because we’ve got all the information  you need on Esports for beginners.

Esports for beginners: the definition

The first thing you need to know about Esports for beginners is what exactly we mean when we’re talking about Esports. Well, Esports is the practice where people play computer games competitively. And this isn’t some amature operation. Much like regular sports, there are professional levels where people compete for big prizes during major events.

Are Esports actually sports?

Maybe you don’t really think of video games as sports. We get that, it can be a bit of a departure for some. But Esports are pretty unique. These are super competitive players. Many of them are professional, earning most or all of their income from the industry. It’s impressive stuff.

So impressive, we might add, that the Olympics are discussing the inclusion of Esports as one of the newest sports in future world games events. This isn’t confirmed just yet, but even due to the fact the Olympics are discussing this, we reckon it lends even more credibility to the industry as a whole.

How popular are Esports?

Esports are hugely popular and are only rising in popularity. More and more people are taking part and trying to compete professionally. And more and more people are watching too. The biggest events in the industry are sponsored by the biggest game developers. They’re live streamed and spectators watch remotely in droves.

South Korea and China were the first countries to really get into Esports, but since then the trend is spreading all over the world. Major events are now regularly held in Europe and the Americas too.

The industry is valued at approximately $1 billion dollars and an estimated 454 million people regularly tune in to watch events. Impressive, right?

Can you bet on Esports?

One of the main advantages of Esports for beginners is that you can bet on them. Well that’s one of the advantages for us, anyway. If you’re looking for somewhere to place a bet on Esports, in our opinion Bet365 is a good shout.

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What are some of the biggest Esports games?

One of the great things about Esports is that there’s a great variety. Just think about any of the computer games you knew and loved as a kid or adult. We’re guessing there’s a lot of variety, from exploration games to fantasy games to shooter games to racer games to sports games. Well the world of Esports is just as varied. Here are some of the games that you can watch out for:

  • League of Legends
  • Arena of Valour
  • Call of Duty
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Honor of Kings
  • Rainbow Six
  • StarCraft