Aug 2019

Here’s Why We’re Excited About The Premier League’s Return

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips, News category

Here at All Bets, we have a special place in our hearts for the Premier League. For the 2019/20 Premier League season we’re especially excited. There’s so much to look forward to this year, and we’re going to give you a run down of what we’re hotly anticipating.

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Don’t forget your 2019/20 Premier League Fantasy Football team

Fantasy Football is an especially good way to join the excitement. We adore carving out a good chunk of time every week to perfecting our team. And your first team is something you’ll always remember.

If you haven’t set one up yet, don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. Okay, the mobile app leaves a little to be desired so we’d suggest sticking to your laptop for this one. But once you’re in, you’ll love it. We promise.

Come up with your perfect formation and team from across all the 2019/20 Premier League season sides. Then create a league with your mates and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of everyone’s team. We still fondly remember the year where we had a load of Leicester City people on our team and then they went on to storm the league.

So that’s your job for today or, at the very latest, tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you get your selections in well in advance of kick off or else you won’t be able to get those precious league points for the first round of matches.

What can I watch this weekend?

Starting off with a bang, this weekend you can treat yourself to…

  • Liverpool V Norwich City, tomorrow, Friday, 9 August at 20:00 UK time
  • West Ham V Manchester City, Saturday, 10 August at 12:30 UK time
  • Crystal Palace V Everton, Saturday, 10 August at 15:00 UK time
  • Burnley FC V Southampton, Saturday, 10 August at 15:00 UK time
  • Watford V Brighton, Saturday, 10 August at 15:00 UK time
  • Bournemouth V Sheffield United, Saturday, 10 August at 15:00 UK time
  • Tottenham V Aston Villa, Saturday, 10 August at 17:30 UK time
  • Leicester City V Wolves, Sunday, 11 August at 14:00 UK time
  • Newcastle V Arsenal, Sunday, 11 August at 14:00 UK time
  • Manchester United V Chelsea, Sunday, 11 August at 16:30 UK time

Is it too early to predict who might win this year’s Premier League?

In a word, yes. But that doesn’t mean we won’t try! The Premier League can be extremely unpredictable, but except for some crazy outliers, usually past seasons performances give you some idea of who might take the lead…

Manchester City: the favourite

Manchester City are odds-on favourite to take the top prize this season. But that doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing by any stretch. They had an astounding season in 2018-2019, winning the Premier League, FA Cup, Football League Cup and the FA Community Shield. Can they repeat it this season?

At least last season, it seemed like this team could do no wrong. And that’s why they’re the hot ticket this year. Who knows what will happen when the boots hit the pitch though.

Liverpool: always the bridesmaid…

Poor Liverpool. They seem to always lose out at the last moment, don’t they? However, maybe this year is the one where they finally get the crown.

They have never won the Premier League. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t given it a good go. They came second last season, much to the sorrow of the loyal fans. However, they always seem to hang around the top tier. They’ve been in the top six six times in the 2010s. It’s just a matter of time for these guys, right?