International Poker Open 2019
Sep 2019

Win Your Way To This Unreal Irish Poker Event

by Christine in Features, News, Promotions category

The International Poker Open 2019 is descending into Dublin again this October and Unibet are proud sponsors. To celebrate their part in the iconic tournament, Unibet are holding a host of exclusive online qualifiers

And it really is something to celebrate. It’s one of the longest running live event series in Europe and for good reason. Every year, about 1,000 players attend and the prize pool is regularly around the €250,000 mark.

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How can I qualify for the International Poker Open 2019?

If you want to play in the International Poker Open 2019 Main Event, one of the best ways to do it is to qualify online. Exclusive qualifiers on Unibet are looking pretty attractive too, to be honest.

€1 flip tournaments

Every day, there are two Added €1 buy-in Unibet IPO flip tournaments. If you’re not familiar with flip tournaments, they are possibly the simplest type of poker you can play. There’s no skill involved. You simply register and every player automatically goes all in with every hand. The game plays out until there’s a winner.

These special flips are running from Monday to Sunday at both 18:35 and 19:35 BST. Then there’s an extra one running just on Sundays at 20:35 BST.

The prize in these competitions are €5 Unibet IPO tickets. They’ve got a seven-day expiry period, so make sure you use yours fairly quick if you do win one.

€5 tournaments

Then you can go a step up and enter the €5 buy-in satellites, which each have prizes of at least six €33 tickets to the next satellite step. Just like the €1 flips, there are two of these tournaments daily (at 18:45 BST and 19:45 BST) and then an extra one on Sunday too at 20:45 BST.

But these satellites play out like a regular poker tournament. So if you want to take things into your own hands and not leave it up to chance, this is your kind of poker game.

€33 qualifiers

So this is the big one. For a €33 buy-in, you’re just one step away from the big prize: a €300 ticket to the International Poker Open 2019 main event. Each of these tournaments has nine tickets up for grabs. They only run on Sunday and start at 21:00 BST.

What happens if I win my way in?

Okay, so you should know a few things. Your prize simply represents your entry to the tournament (€300 ticket, which includes the €40 registration fee). So that means you’re responsible for all your travel and accommodation at the event.

There’s no cash alternative and you can’t transfer your prizes. That means if you can’t attend, you simply forfeit your prize.

You can rack up up to six International Poker Open main event entries. As long as you use at least one, your remaining entries can be exchanged for poker points after the event.

Online twist for International Poker Open 2019 Main Event

The really compelling thing about this year’s International Poker Open 2019 Main Event in Dublin is that Unibet players have the chance to play Day 1 from the comfort of their own homes.

Huh? Thought it was a live event, right? Well it is, but with a twist. If you progress after Day 1, you take your chip stack with you to Dublin and play the subsequent Day 2.

The online Day 1 kicks off at 20:00 BST on 21 October and buy-in, just like the regular main event is a cool €300 per ticket.

Tell me more about the Main Event

So the International Poker Open 2019 Main Event is in Dublin, as you know. It’s being held in the Bonnington Hotel, which is in super close proximity to the airport. Handy for any international players.

It kicks off in the venue at 23 October and runs until the final day on 28 October.