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Sep 2019

Transcend Into Seventh Heaven With These Daily Live Casino Offers

by Christine in Features, Promotions category

Is your day going as dreamily as you hoped it would? Are you floating on cloud nine? Well we’re not. Today, we’re all about seventh heaven because we’re here to tell you about the seven exclusive live casino host offers available at Coral every single day.

Yes, you read that right. There are a massive seven different offers, spanning lots of different types of games. They each offer cash prizes, cash back or bonus cash, so it’s a pretty tasty way to earn a pretty penny.

When are the live casino host offers?

The live casino host offers descend on the Coral tables every single day from 16:00 to 23:59 UK time. That means happy hour at the Coral Live Casino stretches to become a happy eight hours. Pretty sweet, right?

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What games do I have to play to take advantage of these live casino host offers?

It’s really up to you. Whatever your live casino preference, there’s a live casino host offer to suit you. For example, the offers cover these game types:

  • Side bets
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

How do the live casino host offers work?

Each offer has a different mechanism, but the basics always remain the same. You’re chosen at random to take part. Then once you are, you could win either cash back or a cash prize.

Roulette: £200 cash prize

This is the juiciest of all the live casino host offers. With Host’s Choice Roulette, the croupier choses the lucky number. Then if the ball lands on that number in the next 10 minutes, everyone who bet on that spin gets to share in the £200 cash prize.

Blackjack: £50 cash prize

Hot Streak makes winning even sweeter. Win five Blackjack hands in a row and get an instant £50 cash prize.

Blackjack: £50 cash prize

This has got to be one of the most fun live casino host offers going. Host’s Choice Blackjack means that the dealer gets an input into what counts as the winning hand. It can be anything, from a flush to a pair of sixes. Then if you’re dealt that hand in the next 10 rounds, you win £50 cash.

Side Bets: £20 cashback

Side Bets Happy Hour is the first of the live casino host offers we’re going to tackle today. The concept is simple. Once you’re chosen, you have one hour to place at least £20 in side bets. Then if you don’t win, you get £20 in cash back.

Blackjack: £20 cash prize

It never feels good to lose. Well except when Second Chance is at play. That means that if you win three Blackjack hands in a row, you get £20 cash.

Blackjack: £10 cash prize

You’ll be given the nod from the Blackjack dealer and then you know that Blackjack Fever has descended. If you get dealt a blackjack in the next 10 hands, you get a £10 cash prize just like that.

Quiz: £10 bonus

Are you a sponge for general knowledge? Then we bet you’ll respond well to the Host’s Quiz. Get the host’s question correct and then you get £10 bonus cash to spend at the Live Casino.

What happens if I win?

If you win one of the live casino host offers, that’s amazing news. Cash winners will see their account balance increase within an hour of scooping the prize. But remember, that you’ve got to accept your cash prize within two days of it being credited to your account or else it’ll expire.