Live Dealer Happy Hour
Dec 2019

Pull Up A Seat For This Blackjack Happy Hour In New Jersey

by Christine in News, Promotions category

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is in just a few weeks. It’s officially the party season. And, to us, the party season means just one thing. Happy Hours. Of course we love the happy hour at our local bar, but that’s not the only one we have our eye on this December. We are absolutely loving the Live Dealer Happy Hour at DraftKings.

What is the Live Dealer Happy Hour?

The Live Dealer Happy Hour at DraftKings is your chance to grab a few extra DK Dollars while you’re playing live blackjack. How you do that is wait for Lucky Cards to hit the table. These cards pay out between $10 and $50 in DK Dollars.

The amount you get when you strike a Lucky Card depends on what table you’re playing at.

And for even more good news, this promotion runs every single week day. Despite what you might think from the name, this isn’t just a one hour a day gig. You’ve got three hours to take advantage every day because the promotion runs from 17:00 until 20:00 New Jersey time every week day, up until 31 December.

Who can take part in Live Dealer Happy Hour?

First things first. In order to take part in the Live Dealer Happy Hour promotion, you have to be physically located in the state of New Jersey. If you’re a DraftKings player in another part of the states, this might be a little disappointing. But don’t worry, we reckon that more DraftKings casino action is set to spread to other states…

There is a little silver lining though. The rules are just that you’re physically located in the borders. If you’re in New Jersey on vacation even if you’re not resident, you can take part in this promotion and whatever else is happening on the site.

You also, of course, have to be at least 21 years of age. And, obviously you need to set up a DraftKings account as well and you’ve got to have deposited into the account too.

How does it work?

So to qualify for Live Dealer Happy Hour at DraftKings, you can to place qualifying wagers in real cash while playing DraftKings Live Dealer Blackjack between 17:00 and 20:00 NJ time, Monday to Friday.

When you’re playing during those hours, you might be lucky and get dealt a Lucky Card during a hand. If you do, you’ll benefit from the Lucky Card bonus of up to $50. But just to be clear, only the player who gets dealt the card gets the prize. No other players at the table get it. But perhaps your companion’s good luck will rub off on you…

What happens if I get dealt a Lucky Card?

If you’re dealt a Lucky Card, DK Dollars are credited into your account by the end of the next business day. Your DK Dollars work in a similar way to bonus cash in other casinos. That means they have a play-through requirement, but thankfully here it’s a very low 1x wagering requirement.

How many Lucky Cards can I win during each Happy Hour?

The good news is, once you’re dealt a card, there’s plenty of reasons to keep playing. That’s because there isn’t a limit to the amount of Lucky Cards you can score during any given Live Dealer Happy Hour.

Got another question?

If you want to know anything else about Live Dealer Happy Hour, simply give the folks at DraftKings customer service an email. The address is: