No Rake Poker
Oct 2020

Say Goodbye To The Rake At These Sit & Gos

by Christine in News, Promotions category

Poker players are the type of people who are always on the look out for a good bargain. And we’re delighted to tell you that this month there is a particularly great bargain to be snagged over at Unibet. They are trial running no rake poker at their sit & go tables. Yes, you heard that right. No more fees, for a limited time only. If that’s not poker bliss, we’re not sure what is.

Why is no rake poker a good thing?

No rake poker is a great deal for a number of reasons. First of all, it means that you don’t have to pay the usual sit & go tournament fees for the particular poker tables affected. But the real reason it’s so good is what that means for the pot. Essentially you can play for larger prize pools even though you play for the amount you usually do. And that’s pretty nice, right?

We’re hoping this promotion means that they’re thinking about extending no rake poker for a longer period. We truly hope that happens, so hopefully it is a success! No rake poker is a good deal for everyone in our books.

What are the no rake poker sit & gos available at Unibet?

There are three different no rake poker sit & gos available at Unibet right now until 23;59 UTC on 1 November. They are 5-handed SNGs with buy ins of €25, €50 and €100. That means whenever you choose to play at those tournament tables, you get a little bit extra for your buy in.

Are there any other perks to this promotion?

Why yes there are more perks, as it happens. A fairly large one, in fact. Along with incentivising 5-handed Sit & Gos with buy ins of €25, €50 and €100 thanks to the no rake poker angle, there’s also a leaderboard race with €2,000 in weekly prizes.

That means when you play those games, you earn leaderboard points. And that’s it. It’s not about winning or completing tasks or missions, you just have to enter to earn points. The number of points you earn per Sit & Go depends on the buy-in:

  • 1 point for every €25 SNG
  • 2.5 points for every €50 SNG
  • 5 points for every €100 SNG

Then at the end of the week, the top 20 players receive bonus points. These bonus points have cash values worth up to €500. And in total, there is €2,000 worth of bonus point prizes that you can scoop each week! For the purposes of this promotion, a week starts at 00:00 UTC on Monday and ends at 23:59 UTC on Sunday.

Here’s how the €2,000 each week is divided up:

  • First place player gets 50,000 Bonus Points, with a cash value of €500
  • Second place player gets 37,500 Bonus Points, with a cash value of €375
  • Third place player gets 25,000 Bonus Points, with a cash value of €250
  • Fourth place player gets 17,500 Bonus Points, with a cash value of €175
  • Fifth place player gets 10,000 Bonus Points, with a cash value of €100
  • Sixth through 10th place players get 6,000 Bonus Points each, with a cash value of €60 each
  • 11th through 20th place players get 3,000 Bonus Points each, with a cash value of €30 each

If you do place in the top 20 on any given week during the no rake poker promotion at Unibet, you can expect your points to be credited to your account within two business days of each leaderboard week finishing. So, in simple terms, by Tuesday the following week.

What happens after no rake poker ends at Unibet?

Well the good news is that even after the no rake poker promotion at Unibet ends at the end of the month, things aren’t going back exactly as they were. You’re going to still get a little discount on the rake, with very competitive new fees on €50 and €100 buy ins of just 2%.

Is there any good sign up offer at Unibet?

If this no rake poker talk has piqued your interest, but you’re not yet a Unibet Poker player, then we have some very good news for you. If you sign up to Unibet today, you can take advantage of this super sweet new player offer.