Dec 2018

Why Las Vegas Is The Most Insane (And Fun) Place To Spend New Year’s Eve

by Christine in Features category

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve this year? We took a poll here at All Bets towers, and everyone is either going to go to the local pub, brave the city centre or go to a dinner party. So we’re not exactly living la vida loca this NYE, as Latino heartthrob Ricky Martin might say.

Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve has been on most of our bucket lists for years. Not only do they have some of the best poker games, table games and slots machines in the world, the city seriously knows how to party.

And we would love to get in on that action. Even though we’re not going there this year, we think this is the perfect time to explore some of the craziest things that happen in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. So even just while we write this article, we can pretend we’re sipping Champagne in the City of Sin and shouting “Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

If you’ve got some extra cash and a bit of time on your hands, maybe you’ll decide to take the plunge and head there this year! Now that would be some New Year’s Eve surprise!

Vegas Strip fireworks

One of the most spectacular scenes on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is the fireworks show. The fireworks are launched from seven different hotel rooftops to create an impressive display as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

And to top it off, this goes off to a brilliant soundtrack featuring some of the world’s biggest music stars.

There will be more than 80,000 firework explosions going off over the course of the 8-minute spectacle. This unique experience is not to be missed if you’re in Vegas.

This year, the fireworks will be going off from:

  • The Venetian
  • Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower
  • MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  • Treasure Island
  • Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
  • ARIA Resort & Casino
  • Caesars Palace

Watch the whole thing playing out above you from the Strip, if you can get a spot, or head for higher ground. The best spots are probably the High Roller observation wheel or a rooftop bar like Delano Las Vegas’ SkyFall Lounge. But if you can’t make it there, try squeeze onto a pedestrian bridge or even a roof-top car park.

New Year’s Eve street party on Fremont

To rub shoulders with other revellers, the Fremont Street party is hard to beat. It’s got an unreal light show and pyrotechnics, along with performances from 12 bands over the course of the night. This year The Killers will be the stars of the stage, but there will be plenty more besides to delight spectators.

One of the great things about this party is that you can feel like you’re in New York, with the giant digital display playing the live Times Square ball drop. This party kicks off at 18:00 Las Vegas time on New Year’s Eve and keeps pumping until 04:00.

Catch a show

To get fired up for the big party that is New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, catching a show is a must. If we were going to Las Vegas this year (and sigh, we really wish we were!), we would love to be going to see a Cirque Du Soleil show. It’s a Las Vegas rite of passage, and on the big day you can catch O, Mystere, Zumanity, The Beatles Love or Michael Jackson One by the insanely talented acrobatic company. Other great Las Vegas experiences this New Year’s Eve include the magician David Copperfield’s show and a performance by the Blue Man Group.

Recreate the Las Vegas experience at home

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