A Review Of DraftKings DFS And Free Bonus


Good news — new players of DraftKings can try the DFS site with little risk to their own funds.

Each new player that signs up and makes a minimum deposit of $5 or more, will receive a $3 Free Contest entry.

No promo code needed and no obligations. DraftKings will simply credit the free $3 contest entry to your account, which can be used to enter any $3 real money contest. Enter a $3 head-to-head contest for a great chance to win or play a large guaranteed tournament for the chance at a big score. It’s up to you!


If you are looking for just one daily fantasy sports site to call home, we recommend the largest DFS site in the world, DraftKings. With millions of dollars in prizes awarded every week and ever-increasing acceptance in the United States, DraftKings is not only it’s also as safe and secure as it has ever been.

Compared to other DFS sites? DraftKings offers more sports, more contest types and larger prizes than any other DFS site. If for some reason DraftKings isn’t what you seek, other sites are available. But for the first DFS site you play, it’s got to be DraftKings.

DraftKings Bonus

$3 Free Contest Entry


No promo code is required to get the DraftKings Bonus!

VIP Program

DraftKings Rewards - Daily Rewards, Missions, Achievements!

Included states:
United States (41 states), United Kingdom, Germany.

Excluded states:
Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington

Credit Cards, Paypal, Check

DraftKings offers players a simple but reliable selection of payment methods when depositing and withdrawing at the DFS site. Deposit as little as $5 and use a number of different credit cards or Paypal, which also allows you to transfer from your bank. With withdrawals, you will be able to use Paypal or check.

Players withdrawing funds should be able to receive their funds within a few days. Checks will take a bit longer but only because of the necessary transit time.

You can contact customer support with any questions about depositing — or any other matter pertaining to DraftKings in general or your account. Options for reaching out to DraftKings include email or live chat, which will be available from 6 AM ET to midnight.



DraftKings has made a name for themselves as the premier DFS site in the world. Now you want to give the DFS site a try. Here’s how:

  1. To get started, you will need to sign-up by going to DraftKings.
  2. Once on DraftKings, you will need to select a username and submit your account information
  3. If you want to start playing, make a minimum deposit of at least $5 — and get your $3 Free Contest Entry
  4. Find a contest to play (use your free $3 entry or play from your account balance
  5. Enter your contests and what your team’s performance live while the games are running.


DraftKings is helping change the definition of daily fantasy sports. Gone are the days when you would enter a specific type of contest, draft your lineup by staying under a salary cap and then the results live.


“They have daily fantasy sports for THAT?” That’s often the reaction of players who check out the DraftKings lobby for the first time. Whether it’s the wildly popular NFL or the not so wildly popular CFL, there is plenty of DFS to go around.

Here’s a comprehensive list of sports and leagues where you can play DFS on DraftKings:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • CFL (Football)
  • College Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • League of Legends eSports
  • EPL (Soccer)
  • MLS (Soccer)

And if there is enough demand for it, you can be sure that DraftKings will be happy to add additional sports. College football was even reintroduced after a multi-year absence.


You may have heard of the new DraftKings Sportsbook and it could be coming to your state soon.

Sports betting is quickly expanding across the United States and as it does, DraftKings is looking to offer sports betting in states where it is available.

If and when the DraftKings sportsbook becomes available in your state, you will be able to enjoy DFS and sports betting under one account. This means an easier transition between apps and the ability to use a unified cashier no matter what games you are playing or betting you are working on.


One complaint of daily fantasy sports is that it can lack the social aspect. For this reason, DraftKings has created “Leagues,” which are private leagues that anybody can create.

Invite your friends and other people you know to enter contests that only people in the league can enter. Think of it as a central hub where you can play with your friends. You’ll even be able to track your results during the season for those all important bragging rights.


There are a few DFS sites out there, so what makes DraftKings so special? It’s hard to name just a few but here are some of the highlights:

DFS Leagues

Support for over a dozen sports and leagues, more than any DFS site in existence.

Ease of use

The best DFS interface in existence, which makes the games more fun to play easier and more exciting to monitor your contests.


A variety of different contest styles and types offered, ensuring that there is a game for everyone to enjoy

Large Prizes

The largest prize pools with some contests awarding into the millions of dollars.


Legal and/or regulated in over 40 states.


In an effort to appeal to a wider group of players, DraftKings has turned DFS on its head with the introduction of new “styles” of games. Some of these contests are very similar to traditional DFS while some games take on an entirely different structure. Here are the few main contest types you will find on DraftKings.

The type of DFS your parents played. Draft the best roster you can while staying under a fictional salary cap. With these contests, your goal is to essentially find the most value or upside for the salary of the players you are drafting.

Similar to Classic contests, Showdown contests differ from Classic contests in a major way. Instead of drafting players from a selection of games, Showdown contests feature players from a single game. In some sports such as the NFL, DraftKings also offers a variation on the Showdown contest that adds a “captain,” which accumulates 1.5 the regular amount of points.

These contests nuke the salary cap altogether in favor of “Tiers.” Players select players from a certain number of tiers — for instance, five — that are similarly valued. Your goal is to pick who you believe will score the most fantasy sports within each tier.


Within each contest style are a few different “types,” which essentially describe the number of opponents and the type of payout structure. Like Contest Styles, DraftKings allows players to easily filter out contests from the lobby based on preference.

The top contests across DraftKings, regardless of sports. Comprising mostly of tournaments, these contests represent the largest prize pools on DraftKings. Go here for the chance at the big score

Avoid the seasoned DFS players by joining a beginner contest. These contests are only available to new players who have not entered 50 contests for a specific sport. Because these games are going to easier to beat than a standard contest, you should definitely take advantage of your chance to play in these contests.

These contests nuke the salary cap altogether in favor of “Tiers.” Players select players from a certain number of tiers — for instance, five — that are similarly valued. Your goal is to pick who you believe will score the most fantasy sports within each tier.

Often with hundreds or thousands of entries, you not only play against a lot of opponents in these contests, but you can enter many times with different lineups. These contests are home to the largest prizes, including the chance to become a millionaire.

Play against a single opponent in a winner-take-all format.

Play against a single opponent in a winner-take-all format.

Often confused with 50/50s, these contests pay approximately the top half of players with double their buy-in.

These contests use a simple payout structure of a multiple of your buy-in (similar to double-ups). Instead of winning doubling your buy-in; however, you can win 3x, 5x or even 10x your buy-in.

Don’t want to pay to enter that high buy-in contests? A popular option is to qualify into the tournament with a smaller buy-in where entries to higher buy-ins are given away.




Play more. Earn More. Enjoy more. That’s the motto of the DraftKings Rewards Program.

Players that join the games at DraftKings will get a variety of rewards, ranging from contest tickets to Crowns to DK Dollars .


There are a number of ways that you can earn at DraftKings, with many perks not even requiring qualifying for a status level.

Earn CrownS

Every time you join a real money contest on DraftKings, you will earn Crowns at a rate of 1 per $1 in contest entry. Crowns can be used in the DraftKings Store to purchase contest tickets.

Raise Levels

Playing on DraftKings earns experience points (XP). While there is no value for XP, you can unlock new badges for bragging rights among friends.

Claim Daily Rewards

Players that reach at least 100 Crowns in a month are eligible for Daily Rewards the following. Simply log on each day to claim your reward.

Complete Missions

Each day, you will receive a Mission. Complete that mission (such as entering a specific contest) to receive an extra prize (such as a contest entry or Crowns).

Earn Achievements

Earn additional Crowns when reaching predetermined achievements throughout the month.

Earn Daily Rewards Through The DraftKings Rewards VIP Program

Daily Rewards are based on your DraftKings Status Level. The chart below details the number of Crowns you must earn on a monthly basis to receive Daily Rewards Perks, which increase as you move up in status levels.

100 Crowns
10,000 Crowns
500 Crowns
25,000 Crowns
2,000 Crowns
125,000 Crowns