poker Christmas presents
Dec 2019

The Presents Every Poker Fan Wants This Year

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

It’s still early December, so there’s no need to really panic if you haven’t fulfilled your gift list yet. But, having said that, it always feels good to get someone sorted relatively early. No one likes the mad dash to the shops on Christmas Eve. That’s why we’ve pulled together a smart selection of poker Christmas presents.

Whether they’re a newbie who’s just fallen for the game or a longtime fan, we’ve got some great poker Christmas present ideas for all types of fans. And, of course, this gift guide always works very well if you’re someone who likes to splash the cash on themselves during the festive period too. Nothing wrong with a little self gifting love!

The recommendation

This is one of those poker Christmas presents that won’t cost you a red cent. It’s free to give and will give your poker Christmas presents recipient infinite amounts of joy and fun over the festive period and beyond.

This gift is simple. It’s a recommendation for, in our opinion at All Bets, one of the best poker rooms online. And that is Bet365 Poker. We love Bet365 for so many different reasons, but the poker room is one of the jewels in the Bet365 crown. So if you know of a friend who hasn’t tried it out, share the love. And if you haven’t either, now’s the time to sign up.

Whether this is a festive recommendation for a friend or yourself, direct them to sign up via our link in order to get their hands on this Bet365 bonus code and welcome offer at the same time.

Mixtape magic

We have to admit one thing. When it comes to poker Christmas presents, we think the more personal presents are always best. We know that might sound a little squishy and sentimental. But when someone has taken the time and effort to really think about who they’re giving a gift to, it always shows.

That’s why we adore getting mixtapes. Or mix CDs or a USB filled with tunes or even a Spotify playlist tailored specifically to us. If you have a friend out there who loves music and poker, why not combine their two passions and make them a mix this Christmas? If you’re looking for some ideas to get you started, here are some of our favourite songs about poker.

Brilliant books

Sometimes it’s nice to have a physical present under the Christmas tree to rip open on Christmas morning. Nothing quite beats the excitement of seeing a parcel and not knowing exactly what is inside. But how do you know they’ll like it?

Avoid disappointment with your poker Christmas presents and get the serious card fan in your life one of the essential poker books that are true modern classics. Follow that link and you can see a selection we’ve picked out, including a little more about the author, what you can read in the book and who each book would suit best.

In essence, this is a cheat sheet to picking out the perfect poker book for your poker buddy. Or yourself.