Polish up on your poker etiquette
Jan 2019

Watch Your Poker Table Manners

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

Think that it’s time to play some poker this weekend? Yeah, we’re in the mood for it too. But first we think you should polish up on your poker etiquette.

As the winter trudges on, we love the cosy reliability of sitting down at a poker table, whether that’s online or in real life. Or IRL, as the young people say these days.

If you haven’t played in a while, you might be wondering two things.

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And the second thing you might be concerned about is how to be a good poker player. And we don’t necessarily mean how to beat the other players. We mean how do you become the kind of player that your peers want to play with again.

It’s in your interest to work on a good poker etiquette because it means players, both online and offline, will want to play with you again. It also makes you look like you know what you’re doing so other players take you more seriously. And even better, it means you don’t single yourself out as the one person people want to beat. When you have poor poker etiquette, it can really rub other players up the wrong way.

Play nice

When you’re playing poker, remember your manners. Act like you have your mother beside you, whispering to you to remember your pleases and thank yous. Because no one likes a rude, brash players. Sure some players have tried to make that their trademark. But no one likes playing with them. It’s just uncomfortable for all involved. We’ve all been there.

It’s oh so quiet

A bit of chat at the poker table is fine, but know when to zip it. It’s extremely bad poker etiquette to talk about a hand while it’s still unfolding. It puts other players off and is just bad form.

Oh and while we’re at it, if you fold and other players are still playing that hand, don’t reveal what cards you had. It might change the nature of the game and is also just a silly thing to do in general.

And after your hand has played out, please don’t mansplain what you were trying to do when you were playing. Because no one cares. Really. And anyone who’s half into poker already has probably it figured out what you were doing anyway.

Keep your hands to yourself

This faux pas will mark you as a newbie straight away, so please don’t show or tell anyone else about your hand while you’re playing. And don’t try peak at someone else’s hand while they’re playing. It doesn’t matter if one of you has folded, it’s really not the done thing. Not only that, it can also give an unfair advantage, which just sucks for all the other players.

The poker etiquette lesson here is simple: one player per hand.

If you can’t say anything nice…

Time to remember what your mother always taught you again. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. It doesn’t matter if a player is making terrible, reckless decisions. Don’t offer them unsolicited advice. Don’t make comments to other players at the table. And don’t slag them off. Just make a mental note of their style and concentrate on your own game.

Is time on your side?

Sometimes poker decisions seem very hard. There could be pot odds and statistics swirling around your head. You might be trying to read your player’s body language. It’s a whole thing.

But listen, you can’t take all day about your decisions. Because no one likes a slow moving game. Especially if you’re playing with a big enough group. Then it seems like the time simply draaaaags. And that’s no fun.

We’re not saying rush into your decision, but try to be decisive and swift wherever possible.

Don’t be a bad loser or winner

There are few things worse than a player who sulks when they get knocked out or lose a big hand. They are so annoying. Don’t be that person.

Likewise, if you knock someone out or come out on top of a tricky hand, don’t go on about your victories. That also sucks for anyone who’s listening to you. Plus it’ll make them try doubly hard to put you in your place next time… You don’t want to make enemies in poker…