Poker limits
Mar 2019

Test The Limits Of Your Poker Game

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

When you’re deciding what table to sit down on, many players take note of the same things. Blind levels or tournament buy-in, structure, game type, the number of players at each table… But there’s one extremely important item left out of that list and that’s poker limits.

Poker limits refer to the amount you can bet during each betting round in a game. It might not sound like a big deal, but whether you play no limit, pot limit or fixed limit can have huge implications.

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What is no limit poker?

The most popular of all poker limits, no limit poker gives you the most freedom when it comes to betting. When it’s your turn to bet, you can bet as much as you like.

It’s very well suited to aggressive playing styles and it means that, sometimes, you can more easily tell what a player thinks about the strength of their hand. Of course it also works in favour of bluffers, as they can use different bet amounts to disguise their strengths or weaknesses.

With no limit poker, there’s the potential to lose big and lose quickly. Of course, it also means you can rack up big stacks fast too. It’s an intimating way of playing at times, but some say it’s the most exciting way to play poker.

What is pot limit poker?

Put simply, pot limit poker is where the maximum you can bet is the current size of the pot. There’s a pot limit, get it?

Some people think that this is the truest of all poker limits and it’s the best way to play. It makes it harder to bluff, because there is less variation on the amount you can bet. But it can lead to hands where more players are involved compared to no limit poker, as it typically costs less than an aggressive no limits game.

This is also where the check raise really comes into its own. Because more players tend to go in on each hand, they’re more likely to see bets as they’re pot-committed, even if their hands are on the weak side.

One of the most common poker limits in Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, this requires skill and patience to master.

What is fixed limit poker?

As you might imagine, fixed limit poker means that there is a standard way of knowing how much you can bet or raise at a time.

This strict limit form is very easy to understand. For example, if you’re playing a game with €1/€2 fixed bets, you can only get in increments of €1 up to the flop and then €2 when the turn and river cards are revealed. So the only thing you need to decide is if you want to fold, call, check or raise. But crucially, not how much you need to raise by.

Bluffing is even harder with fixed limit poker than it is in pot limit poker because the betting choices are so restricted. This is perhaps the most challenging of all the poker limits, so learning more about pot odds and implied odds is useful to you if this is your game of choice.