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Oct 2020

Premier League Update And Betting Tips Before Matchday 5

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips, News category

It can be difficult keeping track of all the action on the football pitch. We get that. If you’re not the biggest soccer fan in the world, it can seem frankly a little overwhelming. But luckily we’re here to help out. We’re going to give you a whistle stop tour of what’s been happening in the biggest league in England so far this season. And you never know, you might even get a few ideas for good Premier League wagers while you’re at it. So read this guide, polish up your football boots and get ready for Matchday 5.

What is Matchday 5 in the English Premier League?

Matchday 5 refers to the fifth round of matches the teams play over the course of the 38 week Premier League season. For the 2020/2021 season, Matchday 5 starts this Saturday, 17 October and runs until Monday, 19 October.

What games can I place Premier League wagers on this week?

So as we said, this weekend is all about Matchday 5 in the Premier League. And with that, comes a whole lot of opportunities to place Premier League wagers. In total, there are 10 Matchday 5 games for you to choose from. We’re going to give you the full schedule so you can plan your Premier League wagers, as well as what ones you fancy watching.

Saturday, 17 October

  • Everton take on Liverpool at 12:30 UK time
  • Chelsea take on Southampton at 15:00 UK time
  • Manchester City take on Arsenal at 17:30 UK time
  • Newcastle take on Manchester United at 20:00 UK time

Sunday, 18 October

  • Sheffield United take on Fulham at 12:00 UK time
  • Crystal Palace take on Brighton at 14:00 UK time
  • Tottenham take on West Ham at 16:30 UK time
  • Leicester City take on Aston Villa at 19:15 UK time

Monday, 19 October

  • West Brom take on Burnley at 17:30 UK time
  • Leeds United take on Wolves at 20:00 UK time

How is the Premier League going so far?

It’s all very well and good knowing about what action is going on this week, but to place smart Premier League wagers, you have to know the wider context. So we’ll give you a quick recap on how things are going so far in the season.

The team in first place at the moment is Everton, with 12 points. They have won all four of the matches they’ve played so far, which is pretty impressive. There are four teams currently tied for second place on the league tables. They are Aston Villa, Leicester City, Arsenal and Liverpool. However, Aston Villa have only played three matches to-date and they’ve won all three. The other teams in the list have lost one of their games so far. That makes Aston Villa the next competitor to Everton right now.

Down at the bottom of the league table are Burnley, Sheffield United and Fulham. They’ve failed to win any matches this season so far. Even the most casual football fan should know that it’s next to impossible for one of these teams to catch up to the top half of the table before the season’s out.

Another thing to look out for is the top players so far this season. Both Dominic Calvert-Lewin from Everton and Son Heung-min from Tottenham have scored six goals each in total during the last four games they’ve played. Meanwhile Jamie Vardy from Leicester City and Mohamed Salah from Liverpool are hot on their heels, with five goals scored over the past four games.

Where can I place Premier League wagers?

There are loads of great online sportsbooks where you can place Premier League wagers for Matchday 5. The ones that are available to you vary depending on your geographical location, as any sports betting fan probably already knows. However, if you’re based in the United Kingdom or Ireland, one of our favourite places to wager at the moment has got to be Bet365.

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