Rugby World Cup Betting
Sep 2019

What’s Happening In The Rugby World Cup This Week?

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips, News category

Over the past few days in much of the world, the oval ball has trumped the roundier one in terms of attention-grabbing events. Confused? After re-reading that sentence, so are we. But actually, it’s simple. The Rugby World Cup has arrived and with it, there promises to be some of the most dramatic games in years. So let’s tell you all you need to know about what’s been happening so far and the upcoming action. And then you can do some smart Rugby World Cup betting.

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What’s been happening in the Rugby World Cup so far?

Any rugby fans or big sports followers know that the Rugby World Cup kicked off in Japan last Friday, 20 September. For anyone taking part in Rugby World Cup betting, it’s been a big weekend to get your initial wagers into the bookies, whether that’s online (our personal preference, we like the convenience) or in person.

In the first match on Friday, the host nation Japan took to the field and beat their rival Russia. On Saturday, there were a trio of matches. Australia triumphed over Fiji, then France secured a narrow victory over Argentina and New Zealand had a confident victory against South Africa.

Then on Sunday, three more matches took place. First up was Italy versus Namibia, which saw the European team take the top score. Then Ireland had a big win against Scotland. The final game of the weekend saw England beat Tonga decisively.

At the time of writing, Wales versus Georgia is taking place. We know anything can happen in the world of sport, but at a score of 22 to 0 at 36 minutes in, we’re guessing it’ll be Wales who take the top spot in this competition.

What Rugby World Cup betting can I do this week?

So if you want to get in on the Rugby World Cup betting action this week, there are plenty more opportunities for that. Whether you go for your home team or you place a wager based on odds, there’s plenty of choice out there with these matches.

Rugby World Cup Tuesday 24 September

  • Russia take on Samoa at 11:15 UK time

Rugby World Cup Wednesday 25 September

  • Fiji take on Uruguay at 06:15 UK time

Rugby World Cup Thursday 26 September

  • Italy take on Canada at 08:45 UK time
  • England take on the United States of America at 11:45 UK time

Rugby World Cup Saturday 28 September

  • Argentina take on Tonga at 05:45 UK time
  • Japan take on Ireland at 08:15 UK time
  • South Africa take on Namibia at 10:45 UK time

Rugby World Cup Sunday 29 September

  • Georgia take on Uruguay at 06:15 UK time
  • Australia take on Wales at 08:45 UK time