Single Table Tournaments
Sep 2019

All The Single (Table Tournament) Ladies (And Men), Put Your Hands Up!

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

Now that headline is one that might go down in history as one of the most awkward titles in the entire history of poker strategy. But sure listen, we’ll move on from that now and get straight to the point. This article is all about the pure joy we get from Single Table Tournaments.

What is a single table tournament?

A single table tournament is a poker classic. You buy in for a fixed amount, you get a set number of chips and you’re sat at one table for the entire game. That means that, typically, you’ll be up against fewer people over the course of the game than you would be in a multi-table tournament game or during a cash game.

Usually, you can choose games with anywhere from five to 10 players at a table. There’s also the option of the number of chips to use, so go for a normal stack if you want a quickish game and go deep if you want a longer experience. Then of course, you can choose the speed the blind levels increase to either give yourself more time to think with a regular blind level time or get more of a thrill with a speed or turbo level.

Where can I play single table tournaments online?

One of our favourite places to play single table tournaments online is Bet365. There are usually a good number of players willing to dive in to the action and also there’s a good amount of variety when it comes to tournament buy-in amounts.

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What are the benefits of playing them?

There are so many ways that single table tournaments are beneficial to you as a poker player. Here are just some of them:

  • Cash flow: You know exactly how much you’re spending when you’re playing this game. It’s a set buy-in and it won’t change during the course of the game. This is unlike cash games, where you can end up spending more than you bargained for if you’re not careful
  • Speed: Compared to the potentially never-ending cash games or the long-haul multi-table tournaments, single table tournaments are relatively speedy. One of these games will rarely last more than an hour
  • Get to know your players: With single table tournaments, you’ve got the chance to really get to know how your opponents play. You can study their reactions, see what cards they had at showdown and deduce why they might be acting a certain way in the future. This really helps hone your skills for your poker game in general.
  • Perfect your strategy: For the same reason, you can also go into a single table tournament with a plan in place of how you want to play and see how it pans out. Being at one table lets you experiment more with your method, which is great for improving your skills