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Nov 2019

The Next Four Days In The World Of Sport

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips, News category

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the world of sports. There’s so much going on all the time across a whole range of different countries, activities and genders that you can’t possibly keep on top of it all. Lucky for you, we’re going to give you a breakdown of everything you need to know about the major sports events this weekend.

Sure it’s only going to cover a handful of days, but at least that’ll keep you up-to-date on the big events you might want to chat about or watch with your mates. Or, if you’re anything like us, the sports events this weekend that you’ll want to bet on this weekend…

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Not only is this one of the biggest sports events this weekend, if you’re a para-athletics fan, it’s one of the biggest sports events for the next two years.

The World Para Athletics Championships is taking place over the next eight days in Dubai. It kicks off today and is running until 15 November. This biennial event features over 1,000 athletes at the top of their game, despite having physical or intellectual disabilities. It’s been running since 1994 and it’s the second time the competition is being held in the Middle East, after Doha was the host city in 2015.

China often dominates the medal table, so all eyes will be on the People’s Republic competitors to see if they’ll repeat this feat again for the third competition in a row.


We’re just about a week into the English team’s tour of New Zealand and there have already been some great matches. It’s stretching on until 3 December and is bound to delight people, especially those within the host and visitor countries.

For cricket fans, one of the best sports events this weekend will be the New Zealand V England match in the fourth T20 international in McLean Park, Napier. It takes place on Friday, 8 November. But you don’t have to wait too long for the next meeting. The two teams meet again in Auckland on Sunday, 10 November for the fifth T20.


A bit heartbroken that the big cycling races of the summer are now a distant memory? Well then the UCI Track Cycling World Cup might cheer you up. For track cycling enthusiasts this is a monumentally good time.

Held over multiple races across different countries, this will keep you hooked for months. Truly one of the most unmissable sports events this weekend, the Track Cycling World Cup is hurtling into Glasgow from tomorrow, 8 November until Sunday, 10 November. After all the action in Minsk last weekend, we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

The World Cup will take in China, New Zealand and Australia, before finishing up in Canada on 26 January. If all that cycling won’t tire the competitors out, maybe the jet lag will!