Sports Roulette
Oct 2019

Get Sporty With This New Roulette Game

by Christine in Features, News, Promotions, Reviews category

What are you up to this weekend? Are you going to hang out and watch some sporting action? Or are you going to have a nice long gaming session instead? It’s a tough choice, we know… But luckily you don’t have to decide between the two of them any more thanks to the new Sports Roulette table at Coral.

Eagle-eyed readers might remember way back in the summer time we told you about the Football Roulette table at Coral. That was a limited edition, where you could take in the best of the season’s sporting action. We’re guessing that the powerful minds at Coral decided that it was so successful they had to make it a permanent fixture.

That’s where this new Live Casino game comes in. It’s a lot like the original version we loved in the summer, but even better. Take a read of our guide to find out more about it…

What is Sports Roulette?

Sports Roulette is a roulette game you can play at the Coral Live Casino. The big difference between this and regular roulette is that there’s a big screen running in the background where you can watch live sports play out and see the latest odds. As well as that, the hosts provide stats and up-to-date sporting news as you play. That means you’ll never have to choose between roulette and sports again!

When can I play Sports Roulette?

That’s another fantastic feature. The Sports Roulette tables are open 24 hours a day, so whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you’ll be able to play at a time that suits you.

How can I join these tables?

There are two criteria to joining these Sports Roulette tables. Thankfully, both are very achievable!

The first is obvious. You have to be a Coral Casino player. If you’re not one already, then this Live Casino game isn’t the only reason you should sign up quick… Join today with our exclusive Coral Casino bonus code and you will be treated to this amazing welcome deal.

And the second is very straightforward too. You simply need to have a real-money balance of £1 or more. And let’s face it, if you’re going to be playing any game at the Live Casino you’d want to be budgeting a little more than that anyway. So we’re guessing everyone who wants to take part already qualifies.

Extremely reasonable, right?

What sports are included in Sports Roulette?

Coral are promising to include a wide range of sports on their Sports Roulette screens. European, American, South American and Asian sports are set to feature. So we’re guessing all the top tournaments and games will be covered, from soccer to the NFL to cricket and more.

Exclusive promotions only available at these tables

When you play at Coral’s Live Casino Sports Roulette tables, there are even more things to keep you interested. It’s not just about Live Casino roulette and live betting action, oh no.

While you’re playing, you could win a whole lot more than you bargained for. At different, randomly determined times throughout the day, various Smart Numbers will pop up. Every player who has placed a straight up bet of £1 or more on that Smart Number will share in a £100 cash prize. And if you’re the only person who has placed that bet, you get the whole lot for yourself!#

But that’s not all. While you’re playing lots more exclusive promotions can kick off that are limited to the players of Sports Roulette at the Coral Live Casino. So if you take part in those promotions, you could win amazing hospitality packages, Free Sports Bets and loads more goodies.