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Too Soon To Think About Who’ll Win Next Year’s Super Bowl?

The Kansas City Chiefs well and truly earned their title as Super Bowl LIV champions. The final outcome was the Chief’s punchy 31 to a disappointed team of San Francisco 49ers‘ 20. We love everything about the Super Bowl. Spectacular halftime shows, always with a pinch of drama or intrigue. The mega-hyped advertisements, crafted at

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Do The Sums And Improve Your Poker Game

It’s hard to get away from the fact that maths and poker are intertwined. Yes, I can hear a groan from you guys in the back who used to fall asleep during trigonometry lessons in school. But it’s true. Plus if you get a little better at maths for poker reasons, we’re guessing it’ll pay

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Is It Too Early To Predict Who’ll Win The Premier League?

So there’s one week down and 37 to go. It’s still very early days in the Premier League 2018/2019 season. But does that mean you should hold off betting on who you think will take down the trophy? We sure as hell don’t think so. We’ve all been there when you get a funny feeling

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