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Cleopatra Comin’ Atcha

Anyone else remember the late 1990s girl band Cleopatra? They rose to fame with their song, Cleopatra’s Theme, which was the first track on their debut album Comin’ Atcha. It was a tune at the time. Listening to it again, we’re not entirely sure if it’s stood the test of time. But sure listen, it’s

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Bears, Board Games, Fireworks And The Devil

It’s the start of a brand new week, so it’s the perfect time to do lots of things. Start that “swimsuit diet” (yeah right!), do a deep clean of the kitchen (ugh…) or call those relations you’ve been meaning to get in touch with (zzzzzzz). You’re right, you should be doing something a lot more

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Slots Explained: What Is Return To Player?

When you’re reading slots reviews and trying to decide what to play, the term ‘Return to Player‘ pops up pretty frequently. But what exactly does Return to Player mean? We have a confession to make. When each and every one of us at All Bets started to play slots online, we were always scratching our

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