Nov 2018

This Royal Challenge Could Lead You To A €2K Prize

by Christine in Promotions category

What could you get on your average flip? Maybe it’s a coin toss to figure out who’s turn it is to take out the bins. Perhaps it’s a pancake flip which will result in an evenly cooked and delicious treat. Or is it in some kind of a heist movie where it turns out the main character flipped half-way through the movie and is now working with the cops to take down the real mean crime king pin and the prize is not being put in prison.

Whatever flips used to mean to you is irrelevant. Because now a flip could mean you instantly win a €2,000 package to the Unibet Open. And wouldn’t that be something?

This promotion is running until 23:59 UTC on Thursday, 30th November. Start flipping now so you don’t miss out on your prizes!

What do I have to do to win?

It’s pretty easy really, you have to:

  • Play Cash Games (except Banzai) and Sit & Go tournaments
  • Then you’ll earn Bronze, Silver or Gold tokens
  • Use these tokens to play the Poker Flips mini-game, where you can take down the King of Flips and win big prizes

And do you know what? You’ll automatically get gifted a free bronze token every day this promotion is running. So if you haven’t logged on to Unibet this week, your bronze token is waiting for you right now.

All tokens expire at the end of the promotion, so remember to use all yours before next Thursday.

How do I earn bronze, silver and gold tokens?

There are three different tiers of tokens and you can earn up to 5 tokens of each tier every single day. Here’s how you can earn them:

  • Earn a Bronze token every time you:
    • See 25 flops at a low-stakes cash game (NL/PL4 and NL/PL10)
    • Play five Sit & Gos with a buy-in of €1, €2 or €4
  • Earn a Silver token every time you:
    • See 25 flops at a mid-stakes cash game (NL/PL25, NL/PL50 and NL/PL100)
    • Play five Sit & Gos with a buy-in of €10 or €25
  • Earn a Gold token every time you:
    • See 25 flops at a high-stakes cash game (NL/PL200 and NL/PL400)
    • Play five Sit & Gos with a buy-in of €50, €100 or €200

For the purposes of this promotion, the number of flops you see at cash games and the number of sit & gos you play have a one-day rolling expiry. In other words, you have to keep seeing flops at that tier level for your progress from the previous day to be counted.

And a day is counted as 00:00 UTC until 23:59 UTC.

Tell me more about this Poker Flips mini-game

So like we’ve already said, you can use your tokens to enter the Poker Flips mini-game, where you’ll face the King of Flips.

You and your royal opponent will both receive two holecards and the flop, turn and river will be dealt automatically. You can then make the decision whether you want to accept the outcome and the prize that you’ve won by playing this flip. Or risk it all for a higher value prize during the next flip.

All the prizes you can win with King of Flips

The prizes you can win with the Unibet King of Flips promotion is based on the tokens you use to play the mini-game. The biggest prizes go to players who use Gold tokens…

Bronze prizesSilver prizesGold prizes
10 Bonus Points200 Bonus Points400 Bonus Points
20 Bonus Points€1 Multi-Table Tournament Ticket2,000 Bonus Points
40 Bonus Points4,000 Bonus Points
20,000 Bonus Points
40,000 Bonus Points
80,000 Bonus Points
€10 Cash Game Ticket
€100 Supernova Multi-Table Tournament Ticket
€2,000 Unibet Open Package

Any other terms and conditions?

All the usual stuff applies, like all the regular Unibet terms and conditions, including the fact you’ve got to be 18 years or older to sign up and play on the site.

I’m not a Unibet player…

Let me correct you, my friend. You should have said, “I’m not a Unibet player yet.”. Because you should really sign up. Sign up today with our bonus code and you’ll get faboo welcome offers. And you’ll get to take on that pesky King of Flips. It’ll be a good day’s work for sure! And it’ll only take you a second to do. A good few seconds’ work.