Poker Challenges at Unibet
Apr 2019

Challenge Yourself With This Fun Poker Loyalty Scheme

by Christine in Features, Promotions category

We love a good poker loyalty scheme. They’re brilliant. They reward you for hitting the felt and, in our experience, they can often offer a bit more than similar casino loyalty schemes. We know that’s a generalisation, it’s just what we’ve found in the past. Anyway, Poker Challenges gives a whole new dimension to poker loyalty schemes.

The Unibet loyalty scheme feels kind of like a promotion as well as a loyalty scheme. That’s because you have to complete Poker Challenges to earn your loyalty points.

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What kinds of Poker Challenges are there?

When you play poker at Unibet, you can see that there are two different Challenge types active at any one point in time.

They are Minor Challenges and Major Challenges. As you might imagine, the Minor Challenges are easier to complete. You might a challenge to ‘Be dealt a suited hand’ or ‘Be dealt a pair’.

Then the Major Challenges are a little more complex. For example, you might have to ‘Win a hand postflop when you have a hand worse than one pair’.

You’ll be assigned these Poker Challenges at random. And if you get one that isn’t exactly your bag, you can discard it. But remember you can only do that twice per month for each Challenge type. Before you discard your Challenge, think carefully because you won’t get any credit for partially completed, and then discarded, Poker Challenges.

In order to fully complete your Poker Challenges, you often have to repeat the requirement several times. It could be up to 30 times per challenge.

And when you’ve done this, congratulations. Now you’ll get Challenges Points.

Poker Challenges in Multi-Table Tournaments are a little different. Instead of getting specific challenges here, you simply get 100 Challenges Points for every €1 you spend in fees.

What are Challenges Points?

Use to track your progress through the loyalty program, Challenges Points quite simply mean rewards. The more Challenges Points you rack up, the better your rewards.

And you’re eligible for rewards in as soon as you earn your first 50 points, which makes this a nice scheme to get a foothold in.

You can then exchange your Challenges Points to get really nice rewards

What rewards can I get with Poker Challenges?

You can exchange your Challenges Points for fantastic rewards, including:

  • Free cash
  • New avatars
  • Playthrough bonuses
  • Poker tickets
  • Bonus points

Slightly confusingly, bonus points are another currency that you can use to snap up extra rewards. But hey, we’ll take two loyalty currencies if it means more rewards!

Each of these rewards has a specific expiry too. Tournament tickets expire 30 days after they’re credited to your account. Bonus Points and Playthrough bonuses have a 90-day expiry.

Poker Challenges Freerolls

Once you reach the 100,000 points threshold, you can play two exclusive freerolls. And those freerolls have Unibet Open poker packages up for grabs. Pretty sweet prize, right? Check the schedule by searching for Challenges in the client.