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Nov 2019

What Tournaments Can I Play At This Online Poker Room?

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

There are few things we like more than a good old poker tournament. So why not start off the week with a plan to play more. And you’ll be spoiled for choice if you decide to play Unibet Poker Tournaments.

There are so many different types to choose from, plus different buy-in levels, so you’re bound to find something to suit your mood and your budget.

How do I sign up to play Unibet Poker Tournaments?

If you’re not yet a player with this online poker room, there are few better reasons to sign up than the range of Unibet Poker Tournaments on offer. But one reason other reason you should keep in mind is the fantastic welcome offer you can get with this Unibet bonus code. So sign up now and get your sign up bonus.

What are the buy-in ranges for Unibet Poker Tournaments?

One of the great things about Unibet Poker Tournaments is that they keep people of all budgets in mind. As well as freerolls, which are completely free to enter, you can buy in for super small amounts from just €0.20 for entry. And then you can go as high as €250 for special events. So whether you’re a high roller or you just want to dip your toe in, Unibet Poker Tournaments have you covered.

When you go to the Tournament tab on the website, you’ll be able to search really quickly for upcoming tournaments of your budget. Select €0 to €9, €10 to €25 or €26 and above to find your perfect tournament.

Tell me more about the different types of Unibet Poker Tournaments I can play

This is where Unibet really comes into its own. We love the fact that there are tonnes of different types of Unibet Poker Tournaments out there. Choose the one that best suits your style of play or try something completely new, the choice is yours. But the variety means that you’ll always be kept happy.

Bounty tournaments

Bounty tournaments are straightforward, yet ruthless. Knock a player out and you’ll get an instant cash prize. They encourage aggressive play and are a hell of a lot of fun. They also mean that you don’t necessarily have to end up in the bubble to make your buy-in back, and possibly even more.


This poker tournament is very popular and for good reason. Everyone buys in for the same amount in a Freezeout, everyone gets the same amount of chips and you get one shot at playing to win. That means if you’re knocked out, there’s no second chances. It means the playing field is equal, so the big boys with the huge budgets can’t bully the people with restricted budgets as easily.

It also leads to more sensible play, which we’re usually a fan of.


We love guarantee tournaments. What’s not to love about them? In case you didn’t realise, these Unibet Poker Tournaments have a guaranteed minimum prize pool. That means that even if not a whole lot of people enter the tournament, you can still end up with a fairly hefty payday. And if lots of people do end up playing, the prize pool can grow even more. Lovely.


Although sometimes it’s nice to super-charge your stack at the start of the game. That’s where multi-buy tournaments come in. At the start of these tournaments, you can decide to multiply your starting stack up to 4x, depending on the tournament. Of course, this will multiply your buy-in too, but could leave you with an edge over players who simply start with 1x the regular starting stack.


Got your eye on a big tournament? Maybe the Unibet Open or another major event? But there’s one problem. You don’t have quite enough dosh for the entry fee. Or maybe you do, but you would rather not spend it… If either of those are the case, Unibet Poker Tournaments have plenty of satellites to keep players happy. Satellite tournaments award tournament tickets as prizes. This means that if you play your cards right, you can end up playing for huge prize money after an initial small buy-in.