Jun 2018

Insightful Bets: Top Five World Cup Scorers

by Christine in Gambling Tips, News category

Well there have been some absolutely cracking matches so far in Russia 2018, haven’t there? Whether your team is fighting fit and showing the opposition who’s boss or is struggling towards the end of their group, there’s nothing quite as good as a nail-biting World Cup match.

And the sun is shining down on us. And the summer is only just beginning. Life is very good right now.

To make an informed decision when you’re at a bookies, whether it’s offline or online, you need to know everything you possibly can. Some of the best value bets out there at the moment aren’t necessarily on what teams win, but what happens on the pitch.

We’re going to give you a quick fire profile of the top five goal scorers in the World Cup so far. Then you can use that information to figure out the likelihood of them repeating their success in the next few matches.

Harry Kane

Team: England

Group: G

Team’s position: England is neck and neck with Belgium at the moment. Both teams have 6 points each.

World Cup 2018 goals: 5. These included both goals against Tunisia last week and a hat-trick against Panama yesterday.

Outside the World Cup: When he’s not representing his country, Kane plays for Tottenham Hotspur. This prolific goal scorer holds the record of being the player with the most Premier League goals in a calendar year. By the end of 2017, he’d scored a whopping 39 goals. He’s also the first Premier League player to score six hat-tricks in a year.

Strengths: Passion, accuracy and power

Weakness: Sometimes struggles to control the ball in the air

Next World Cup match: England v Belgium on Thursday, 28 June at 19:00 UK time

Cristiano Ronaldo

Team: Portugal

Group: B

Team’s position: Joint first with Iberian neighbours Spain. Both teams are on 4 points after winning one game and drawing one

World Cup 2018 goals: 4, including a hat-trick against Spain and a goal against Morocco which marked him out as the top European goalscorer of all time.

Outside the World Cup: Widely known as one of the best footballers of all time, Ronaldo has been a fixture at the Spanish club Real Madrid since 2009. He has scored an incredible 670 goals so far in his senior football career. And he’s held the title of the highest scorer for the Champions League for six consecutive seasons. No wonder Real Madrid brought home the trophy for the third time in a row this summer.

Strengths: Versatility, stamina, strength and creativity

Weakness: Can be selfish and arrogant on the pitch

Next World Cup match: Portugal v Iran today at 19:00 UK time

Romelu Lukaku

Team: Belgium

Group: G

Team’s position: Like we said before, Belgium is in the lead in its group, alongside England, with 6 points

World Cup 2018 goals: With 4 goals under his belt so far, Lukaku shares second place with Ronaldo. He scored twice against both Panama and Tunisia.

Outside the World Cup: This 25 year old is one of Manchester United’s star players and has helped to make the Belgian team one of the most feared in the World Cup. He’s gone from strength to strength in the past few years and has made history of one of the youngest ever players to get 100 Premier League goals.

Strengths: Speed, stature and power

Weakness: First touches and ball retention

Next World Cup match: England v Belgium on Thursday, 28 June at 19:00 UK time

Denis Cheryshev

Team: Russia

Group: A

Team’s position: Russia have surprised everyone with their strength in this outing. They currently are in joint first place in their group with Uruguay and they’ve won both matches they’ve played so far.

World Cup 2018 goals: 3, including two against Saudi Arabia in Moscow and one against Egypt. These goals were the first time the midfielder has ever scored for his country.

Outside the World Cup: This longtime player is currently on the Villarreal CF team in Spain. He started off in Real Madrid when he was just 12 and has been a fixture in the European leagues ever since. After a few years being plagued with injuries, the left winger is back with a bang.

Strengths: Defence and energy

Weakness: Passing and fouls

Next World Cup match: Russia is playing Uruguay right now! Uruguay is in the lead, but who knows what’ll happen in the next 60 minutes…

Diego Costa

Team: Spain

Group: B

Team’s position: Spain are holding top position alongside Portugal in Group B.

World Cup 2018 goals: Like Cheryshev, Costa has 3 goals in this World Cup so far. Two of these goals were scored against rivals Portugal in Sochi and his third was against Iran.

Outside the World Cup: He’s a forward for Atlético Madrid, a team which he has had an on/off romance with since first joining in 2007. He’s fresh from a Premier League stint, where he was the top scorer with Chelsea.

Strengths: Possession, determination and physicality

Weaknesses: Anger and lack of discipline

Next World Cup match: Spain is taking on Morocco at 19:00 UK time today.

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