Feb 2019

What’s The Big Deal With The Six Nations?

by Christine in Features, Gambling Tips category

The Six Nations kicks off today and we couldn’t be more excited. Well, we could perhaps only be more excited if someone would deliver a pizza to us just before every single match. Imagine… And we’re here to give you the full low-down on the event so you can make some smart Six Nations bets.

What is the Six Nations?

This is the annual Rugby Union championship that sees six European teams compete against each other. Pretty self-explanatory, so far right? Anyway, those nations are:

  • Ireland
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • France
  • Italy

These teams have some of the best rugby players out there, which makes placing Six Nations bets even more fun.

How long has the Six Nations been running?

That depends who you ask. In its current format, as the Six Nations Championship, its been running for 20 years. However, if you count the very closely related tournaments that preceded this one (Home Nations Championship and the Five Nations Championship), then it’s in its 125th edition. That’s a pretty rich heritage.

When are the matches taking place?

So the Six Nations kicks off today and carries on for five weeks. Keep these dates in mind if you want to place any Six Nations bets…

Week 1

  • Friday, 1 February, 20:00 UK time: France v Wales
  • Saturday, 2 February, 14:15 UK time: Scotland v Italy
  • Saturday, 2 February, 16:45 UK time: Ireland v England

Week 2

  • Saturday, 2 February, 14:15 UK time: Scotland v Ireland
  • Saturday, 2 February, 16:45 UK time: Italy v Wales
  • Sunday, 2 February, 15:00 UK time: England v France

Week 3

  • Saturday, 23 February, 14:15 UK time: France v Scotland
  • Saturday, 23 February, 16:45 UK time: Wales v England
  • Sunday, 24 February, 15:00 UK time: Italy v Ireland

Week 4

  • Saturday, 9 March, 14:15 UK time: Scotland v Wales
  • Saturday, 9 March, 16:45 UK time: England v Italy
  • Sunday, 10 March, 15:00 UK time: Ireland v France

Week 5

  • Saturday, 16 March, 12:30 UK time: Italy v France
  • Saturday, 16 March, 14:45 UK time: Wales v Ireland
  • Saturday, 16 March, 17:00 UK time: England v Scotland

What teams have won the Six Nations in the last 10 years?

In order to place a smart Six Nations bet, you’ve got to know the historical strength of the teams. Of course, it won’t tell you absolutely everything you need to know. But it’s nice to give you a bit of background on what has happened in the past.

  • Wales won in 2008, 2012 and 2013 and got the Grand Slam in 2008 and 2012
  • Ireland won in 2009, 2014, 2015 and 2018 and got the Grand Slam in 2009 and 2018
  • France won in 2010 and got the Grand Slam in 2010
  • England won in 2011, 2016 and 2017 and got the Grand Slam in 2016

Wondering what the Grand Slam is? It’s simply another way of saying that a particular team managed to beat every other team during that year’s tournament. That could be another nice little Six Nations bet for you to think about…

What teams haven’t done so well in the Six Nations?

It has to be said that Italy very rarely shine in the Six Nations. They’ve got the wooden spoon trophy (the prize for the lowest ranking team) 13 times in the last 19 years, including the last three years in a row. So there isn’t a lot of smart money on Italy to take it all the way this year. But who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us all this time!

Where can I place my Six Nations bets?

There is a veritable cornucopia of places offering up Six Nations bets, but one of our favourites has got to be Bet365. For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, it’s got a really intuitive design, as well as great odds. Plus if you sign up today using our exclusive bonus code, you’ll get this really fantastic welcome offer…